GOD! They all look great!

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Watched the full video and i never laughed so much in my life….

I just died

Happy Birthday?




shoujo-images said: HE IS HOT! haha sorry had to reply to your tag, was too funny to ignore

LOOOL you saw it XD

no problem〜 let’s fangirl together instead \(*T▽T*)/




Hello everyone! Charlotte here. This is a recruiting announcement for anyone who wants to join the Damn Feels! team as a cleaner. Due to personal issues I can’t devote as much time to cleaning HnR as I have in the past, so we’re looking for another person to help Bulbulchan.

To clarify: a cleaner crops and rotates the image, levels, resizes, removes Japanese text, redraws parts and patterns of the page, cleans dust, etc.

Important points:

  1. We are recruiting people with some experience as we have no time to train anyone at the moment. This will be overlooked if you do really well on the test.
  2. You must complete a prepared test so we can gauge if you’re up to our standards. You will also be tested on how well you follow instructions, so read them carefully.
  3. If you wish to apply as a cleaner, download this test.

Good luck! :)

Shippings I need to see happening soon:

  • Juvia x Gray (Because, duh)
  • Levi x Gajeel (No comment to obviousness)
  • Ichigo x Rukia (Even though i know it probably won’t happen ・゜・(ノД`))
  • Yosano x Mamura (They are already a couple I know! But shoujo will be shoujo and they’ll eventualy break up because of Yosano’s unresolved fellings I LOVE both parings but hell, I don’t think I can deal with a heartbroken Mamura)
  • Kujou x Yanagi (It’ll happen, but it’s taking so damn long! UGHHH HURRY DAMMIT ლ(´A`ლ) )
  • Futaba x Kou (Touma honey, I love you and all but Kou is my baby, and so I’m sorry but you’re out)
  • Touka x Kaneki (It’s not like Tokyo Ghoul needs romance, nevertheless I want them together, FIN.)
  • Kyoko x Ren (OK, it was cute until 150 chapters ago, but it’s getting ridiculous really)
  • Yuki x Zero (Matsuri-sensei, your shoujo’s are so good, so please just redoo that VK sh*t and get us a real ending, even if Yuuki dies or ends up with kaname, I don’t care anymore, just fix that shit, because I’m sure that when I’m 1000 years old I’ll still mourn over the 4 years I lost to VK)
  • Murao x Tanaka (Please?)
  • Chitoge x Raku (Sometimes less is more, so just get on with it and get them together not in a Nisekoi but in a ShinjiKoi, especially since it’s no mystery to who holds the true key. if there is still one more girl that has made a frigging promise with Raku, I’ll flip, at least let’s be more creative and make it a boy.)


Shou X Yuki

Ao Haru Ride Volume 2

Kou is drop dead beautiful!